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Dr. S. BrunnerRoy Wingate built a set of web sites for us and we are Thrilled! We feel like our web authority is is very strong now. No one could find us before. Super job on our new web presence!—Dr. S. Brunner—-Arizona

“Super Job on Our New Web Presence!”

Dr. K. StaffordRoy Wingate did a great job on our websites. We are enjoying more calls and new patients. Thank you for a great job. we are very happy with the results. DR. K. Stafford—California

“Roy Wingate Did a Great Job on Our Websites”

Dr. B.K. ThangamRoy Wingate and his awesome team built us a set of websites that are helping us expand our practice. Until now, we could not rank our website any where to be found. Great Job! Dr. B.K. Thangam—Georgia

“Until Now, We Could Not Rank Our Website”

Dr. R. MartinLast Month Roy Wingate and his team built an awesome web bundle for us and we love our new internet presence! We are getting new patients every week. Thank You! Dr. R. Martin—Colorado

“We Love Our New Internet Presence”

Dr. EvbuomwanWingate Digital Media built us a nice set of web properties and we now have Google on our side. Thank you so much! Dr. M. Evbuomwan—Texas

“We Now Have Google on Our Side”

Dr. L. HainesThank you Roy Wingate for getting us page 1 rankings with your web bundle. We believe it has added a lot of authority to our web presence.

Dr. L. Haines—-Texas

“Thank You Roy Wingate for Getting Us Page 1 Rankings”
  • You Have Massive Brand Recognition

    With Your Picture and Phone Number
  • Your Are Percieved #1 Authority

    Medical Practice, Attorney, or Realtor in Town
  • Your Massive Credibility

    Is Your Business Showing up Everywhere
  • Your Huge Digital Footprint

    Creats Trust and Authority
  • Your National Press Releases

    Promote Your Digital Web Bundle
  • Your Web Bundle Showing Up Everywhere

    Gives Massive Authority
  • Your Giant Digital

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Street Credibility is King

Street Credibility is

Trust, Authority, Social Proof, and Recognition

When your “Perfect” client seeks out THE EXPERT in your industry,

who do you want them to see?

You or your competitor?


**News Flash** Professional Marketing Paradigms have changed. It is no longer adequate to simply have a website on the internet to attract new clients. Since only 10 websites make it to the first page of Google search results, all other websites are lost in an ocean of digital clutter.

If you can’t be Found in 3 seconds, you don’t exist…..

In 2016 and beyond, “Street Credibility” is the only way to stand out in the crowd. You Must Dominate the search results for multiple keywords. For Success, you must own a Huge “Digital Footprint” in the search results. In other words, you must be EVERYWHERE.

The Business that achieves this scale of “Digital Footprint” receives Trust, Authority, Social Proof, and Recognition as the #1 Professional in your city.

In today’s market place, it is the only way to grow your client base online.

Notice how all the search results look eerily the SAME. However, if someone found multiple page one rankings with your name on them (and for multiple keywords)…..you now have INSTANT Authority, Trust, Social Proof, and Recognition. Getting clients is a by-product of this Digital Domination.

The Primary Benefit of being seen Everywhere on a Google search with a huge digital footprint in your city……. is being perceived as……

 the “Best” of the “Best”…. The Cream of the Crop…..

This is what you want, isn’t it?

Consumers look to online searches to find what they are looking for, rather than the old school Yellow Pages. If your Business is not found on the first page of the search engines, you have virtually NO CHANCE of getting any traffic from keyword searches because 70% of the traffic comes from the top 3 organic listings on the first page.

Our Street Credibility Bundle includes the Website, Videos, and Press Releases. Our Digital Asset Bundles usually rank for 100 PLUS (your niche) Keywords in the Google search engine results for your city. They also rank in Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines. Videos are Portals to another world that you would not otherwise have access to. Your video is a door that that puts people’s lives on hold for a few minutes.

Online Videos are an Unfair Advantage because they have the ability to reach your prospects core identity through the written word, visual proof, audio proof, and reassuring music, (and sometimes humor).

Today, people will Watch Your Online Video long before they will read anything.

We will upload a Street Credibility Bundle in your city, rank our assets on the first page of Google for (your niche) keywords, and then offer these digital assets for rent on a monthly basis. We normally work with clients in larger cities with a population in excess of 500,000, with annual revenues in excess of $5M. However, we would consider a smaller market.

We build out the Digital Assets and rank them at the top of the keyword searches BEFORE we offer them for rent. We will Put YOUR PICTURE at the top of our websites. LINK TO your Existing Website and ADD YOUR PHONE NUMBER on our Digital Properties, so you get the traffic. This website essentially becomes Your Website.

Are you starting to See the value of having a Huge Digital Footprint?

Total Niche Domination is our objective with each build. Our Street Credibility Bundles suck the oxygen right out of your competitor’s digital air space. When someone does a Google search for (your niche) related keywords, our properties are at the top of the results, (with your Picture, Name and Phone number) so you can gobble up all that traffic for yourself. We will also link to your original website.

Since NEW Attorney, Cosmetic Surgery, and other High Value Clients often have a value of $100,000 or more, it is common sense to place your business name at the top of keyword searches. This Giant Footprint gets You Massive Authority, Trust, and Recognition as the #1  Attorney  in your city.

Your “Street Credibility” is now off the charts.

Your “Street Credibility” Bundle gets Very High Value Clients,

Positions you as the Authority in your field


Imagine for a moment….

If your competitor  gets this street credibility bundle and dominates the search results in your city…..

Where will that leave you? ……In the digital dust.

A competitor,  in your city, will rent our Street Credibility Bundle.

Get this “Street Credibility Bundle” BEFORE another attorney in your city does.

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